Sleepless Nights…


I’ve been meaning to write this one for days,
Hoping that it would be like the same old ways,
Coz you’re still far and away from my sights,
As I count on the sleepless nights…

But no more my love it’s any way close to past,
For you’ve erased every of those wounds I expected to last,
Lighting my days like sunshine bright,
I tick off the chart the sleepless nights…

Blessed I’m to have you found,
Bringing the heavens for me unto the ground,
Inspiring me to reach once dreamt of heights,
While you labor through the sleepless nights…

Believe me my love these testing times,
Will fade away soon as we weave melodies and chimes,
Lost in each other’s arms and embraces tight,
We’ll live the dream with the sleepless nights…

Closer to my heart you stay than the beat,
As every breath I smell your fragrance sweet,
Like this rhyme I started in my own right,
Only to have found you in each of the sleepless nights…


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