Moon Of My Eye…




Just before I close my eyes tonight,

I so much wish to have you in my sight,

glowing as usual serene and calm,

by mere presence assuring the realms…


Witness to my every and each struggle,

patiently enduring all the painful wriggles,

leading my path with those creamy beams,

intuitively accepting unrare crabby whims…


You make my evenings brighter beyond all bounds,

while strolling alone through ranks of clouds,

or even when you tame the distant stars,

flirting with Venus as you redden the Mars…


Like an elegant empress you conquer every wane,

proudly sporting inevitable karmic stains,

playing with life forces along the oceans you sway,

travelling through sands of time yet never tracing the same archway…




Oh my love, the moon of my eye,

if only I could break free and soar through the sky,

drinking the silver air night after night,

dissolving the distance great; I promise you we shall forever unite..




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