I come from capital of dreams and peace
where scent of roses carries every breeze
where narrow streets host the curiosity of a kid
where journey still matters rather than its speed…

Pulsating with zest of creativity and youth
it’s true landmark of progress and growth
and still those ancient roots too hold strong
it’s a place where you just can’t find a thing wrong…

It stands on foundations of history and culture
embedded with wisdom and vision for future
blessed with beauty and gifts of nature
how else should I describe that empire of pleasure…

Truly unique and in a class of its own
like a guiding star overlooking the horizon
I come from the city so different from the rest
transforming coals into diamonds; always digging out the best…

No strike of terror can cloud that shining ray
nor that spirit any sword can ever slay
beating inside our hearts forever and ever
as we keep going on without a blink or a waver…


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