From Mad Eye…


Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I had no idea that you all will like it so much and I am truly grateful for your love and support. This has been sole reason pushing me to finally write something on this page.

This blog is predominantly meant to be a place for publishing my poems/compositions/songs which I have written during last 5-6 years. I am just an ordinary guy who likes to express himself occasionally through poems. Most of these have been written when I felt something intensely and found an urge to express it. I usually write (or rather) type these on my mobile so (fortunately!) often the poems are not long. I do intend to share my thoughts in some other forms in coming time although I cannot really give any time estimate when that shall happen, I am afraid. I often speak about dreams in my poems, so I think it will be appropriate to share one of my special dreams here. I wish to publish a collection of my poems once and someday I would love to hear a song written my me. With all your support I am growing confident that one day it will turn into reality.


I take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself. I am an engineer by profession and currently pursuing my masters from a reputed institute in India. I love reading, writing poems/plays, playing football (soccer), listening to music and much more…


I hope you all enjoy my writing and bless me with your wishes forever. I shall be eagerly looking forward to your valuable suggestions and feedbacks to guide me further. Cheers!!!


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