The Bid…



Can I please ask for something from you to borrow?

Give me all your troubles, pain, and sorrows,

in return I’ll keep my best smile with you,

as long as it may take for us to find a way through…

Let me wipe all those tears from wet eyes,

as you fake some laughter to my silly lies,

just one of them however may turn out true,

as you’ll get know when we find a way through…

Or you can ask for 3 magic wishes to be granted,

transforming this gloomy place into the dreamland enchanted,

as delicate and pure as a pearly dew,

where we need not look for a way through…

Else I’ll just sit silently with you all along,

till you realize that nothing can anymore go wrong,

as you decide to turn the page fresh and new,

accompanying you on the lonely way through…

That’s my bid dear; now if you feel it’s far too low,

then raise the stakes the way you wish and just let me know,

‘ll loot the kingdom of joys just for you,

until we pave out the ultimate way through…


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