Years ago I left the place I call home,

Reaching out to dreams floating high above the storms,

Knowing sooner or later I shall walk through the thorns,

Reminding myself such are times when heros are born…
Long ago it seems when vigor outbid the fear,

Indeed long ago it was when long meant just not near,

And it never really mattered which way the wheel would steer,

After all what’s the point of drive when you’re afraid of switching gears?
Through the seasons somehow grew the gloomy rust,

The shoulds choked silently in crowds of musts,

Of course what was I thinking, the world is not fair nor just,

Teenages, Quarter life, mid life it’s just another bubble burst…
Following arrived the ever elusive embrace of ripe age,

When finally I understood it’s about the story and not just a page,

Dwarfed by the worldly giants who earlier rocked the center stage,

I seek the path of light in the shadows of unknown sage…
Someday along the path I hope the day’ll come,

When dreams will ride by my side on the sweetest journey back home,

Glorious sun will erase any shade of distant storm,

As i finally rest in my moon’s loving arms…



Closed Doors

Every single day I’m away from you,

Evenings stretch longer as sun lingers through,

Teasing and toying with my eternal hope,

As our dreams cling onto the steepest of the slopes…

Neither of us know when shall we find the other,

And so many times have we doubted the where or even the whether,

Still somehow with every breeze; I feel your touch soft and tender,

Chasing elusive shadows expecting to embrace your frame delicate and slender…

Words fall short to express how much I miss you my dearest,

When yet another night casts the shadows quiet and darkest,

Yet again I wonder if you’re feeling the same way,

As lighting the corner of my room spreads the lonely moon ray…

Sleepless Nights…


I’ve been meaning to write this one for days,
Hoping that it would be like the same old ways,
Coz you’re still far and away from my sights,
As I count on the sleepless nights…

But no more my love it’s any way close to past,
For you’ve erased every of those wounds I expected to last,
Lighting my days like sunshine bright,
I tick off the chart the sleepless nights…

Blessed I’m to have you found,
Bringing the heavens for me unto the ground,
Inspiring me to reach once dreamt of heights,
While you labor through the sleepless nights…

Believe me my love these testing times,
Will fade away soon as we weave melodies and chimes,
Lost in each other’s arms and embraces tight,
We’ll live the dream with the sleepless nights…

Closer to my heart you stay than the beat,
As every breath I smell your fragrance sweet,
Like this rhyme I started in my own right,
Only to have found you in each of the sleepless nights…

Moon Of My Eye…




Just before I close my eyes tonight,

I so much wish to have you in my sight,

glowing as usual serene and calm,

by mere presence assuring the realms…


Witness to my every and each struggle,

patiently enduring all the painful wriggles,

leading my path with those creamy beams,

intuitively accepting unrare crabby whims…


You make my evenings brighter beyond all bounds,

while strolling alone through ranks of clouds,

or even when you tame the distant stars,

flirting with Venus as you redden the Mars…


Like an elegant empress you conquer every wane,

proudly sporting inevitable karmic stains,

playing with life forces along the oceans you sway,

travelling through sands of time yet never tracing the same archway…




Oh my love, the moon of my eye,

if only I could break free and soar through the sky,

drinking the silver air night after night,

dissolving the distance great; I promise you we shall forever unite..



Maybe it’s time I should walk alone…




Such’re the times I really find hard to get through,

when I can’t find even the words I once knew,

and then there’s so much to talk,

maybe it’s time I should alone walk…


Day after day I move on the same path,

faking every moment pretending a fresh start,

instead of doors the walls I seem to knock,

maybe it’s time I should alone walk…


When no one interprets your silence or empty speech,

and those who can; prefer not to reach,

as every now and then I stray far from the flock,

maybe yet again it’s time I should alone walk…


That’s when I feel I never belonged to this place,

in crowds of masks lost like a face,

I wish in a shell myself I could lock,

maybe it’s time I should alone walk…



Words of Loneliness





Every single time I need you the most,

somehow you part away leaving me lost,

is this the way ‘m supposed to live,

trying to hold on and struggling to believe…


Don’t you know how difficult it’s without you,

how to say a thing then I have no clue,

fumbling through nights as I dread the silence quiet,

with a vacant hope I decide to wait…


Till you come back and once more I find my voice,

or for the eternal moment I make the same choice,

walking the same old road with a fresh stride,

often wishing if only one could reverse the playing side…




Finally I do what I have always done,

you too as usual win the battle already won,

forcing me to embrace you one more time,

and that’s the way cometh yet another rhyme…




I come from capital of dreams and peace
where scent of roses carries every breeze
where narrow streets host the curiosity of a kid
where journey still matters rather than its speed…

Pulsating with zest of creativity and youth
it’s true landmark of progress and growth
and still those ancient roots too hold strong
it’s a place where you just can’t find a thing wrong…

It stands on foundations of history and culture
embedded with wisdom and vision for future
blessed with beauty and gifts of nature
how else should I describe that empire of pleasure…

Truly unique and in a class of its own
like a guiding star overlooking the horizon
I come from the city so different from the rest
transforming coals into diamonds; always digging out the best…

No strike of terror can cloud that shining ray
nor that spirit any sword can ever slay
beating inside our hearts forever and ever
as we keep going on without a blink or a waver…

Birth Of Star

‘Can I touch it?’ asked the little boy,
Young as he was unable to hide his joy…
‘Sure my dear.’ Replied the stranger,
With intentions clear and a hint of pleasure…

Only few could actually see it but the boy knew it not,
As it was just the beginning and he still had to learn a lot…
To some it looked like a gem, to some a sword,
Even a key it looked like to some while rest could just never find the word…

The boy could see a spark spreading a soothing glow,
Inside the pure liquid shimmering as it continued to flow…
As he gently touched it only a moment later,
So excited he was as he had never experienced anything better…

He knew he could actually fly at the moment if he wished,
Nothing seemed impossible as his powers unleashed…
‘Is it real?‘ he asked expecting the worst,
The stranger merely nodded as he felt with ecstasy he would burst…

‘Can I take it? I’ll treasure it forever’,
The boy regretted his courage as it melted under stranger’s stare…
After what seemed like eternity the stranger spoke with a smile,
‘Of course you can. But first listen to me for a while…

No doubt you’ve the ability to make the best out of it,
You’ll achieve then those well deserved extraordinary feats…
But my son, I warn you, as it may cost,
Leaving you battered and completely lost…

It’ll rob you of every smile you ever had,
Leaving behind pain unimagined making one go mad…
Now it’s clear to you, so you can make a choice…’.
With these words vanished the stranger as echoed his calm voice…

That’s the only time the two had ever met,
A meet so unique the boy could never forget…
He then took the spark with him and swore to himself aloud,
No matter what may come he’ll never let that shine cloud…

Since then he’s burning to keep his fire alight,
Sparkling alone in the sky night after night…

The Bid…



Can I please ask for something from you to borrow?

Give me all your troubles, pain, and sorrows,

in return I’ll keep my best smile with you,

as long as it may take for us to find a way through…

Let me wipe all those tears from wet eyes,

as you fake some laughter to my silly lies,

just one of them however may turn out true,

as you’ll get know when we find a way through…

Or you can ask for 3 magic wishes to be granted,

transforming this gloomy place into the dreamland enchanted,

as delicate and pure as a pearly dew,

where we need not look for a way through…

Else I’ll just sit silently with you all along,

till you realize that nothing can anymore go wrong,

as you decide to turn the page fresh and new,

accompanying you on the lonely way through…

That’s my bid dear; now if you feel it’s far too low,

then raise the stakes the way you wish and just let me know,

‘ll loot the kingdom of joys just for you,

until we pave out the ultimate way through…

प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

अशी कशी गं या आपल्या प्रेमाची ही त-हा,
एकटीच तू तिकडे अन् मी इकडे अधुरा,
कधी सांग सखे असा संपेल हा अबोला,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

रोज संध्याकाळी आत्ता येशील तू असे वाटे,
गुलाबाच्या आशेनी ह्या वेड्या रोज वेचतो मी काटे,
तुझ्यावाचून गं आता एक क्षणही राहवेना,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

तुझ्यासाठी चन्द्र तारे मी बांधीन शब्दात,
अन् कधी घेईन भरारी निळ्या मोकळ्या नभात,
नक्षत्रांच्या गुंफिन माळा हर एक पुनवेला,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

मोरपिस जणू सये तुझ्या आठवणी अश्या,
जसे चांदणे कोमल सोडी पाण्यावर ठसा,
हरवलो पुरा जरि तुझी प्रीत ही हरेना,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

काय आता सांगू इथे जगतो मी असा,
झुरे पाखरासाठी तो सोनचाफा वेडापिसा,
घाली वसंतही साद परि एकटा फुलेना,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…

जरि आज तू असशी दूर अंतरावर फार,
कधी नसतेसच गं माझ्या नजरेच्या पार,
ठाव आहे तुज सारे पुरे जीवघेणा हा बहाणा,
एकदाच प्रिये मला भेटायला ये ना…