Years ago I left the place I call home,

Reaching out to dreams floating high above the storms,

Knowing sooner or later I shall walk through the thorns,

Reminding myself such are times when heros are born…
Long ago it seems when vigor outbid the fear,

Indeed long ago it was when long meant just not near,

And it never really mattered which way the wheel would steer,

After all what’s the point of drive when you’re afraid of switching gears?
Through the seasons somehow grew the gloomy rust,

The shoulds choked silently in crowds of musts,

Of course what was I thinking, the world is not fair nor just,

Teenages, Quarter life, mid life it’s just another bubble burst…
Following arrived the ever elusive embrace of ripe age,

When finally I understood it’s about the story and not just a page,

Dwarfed by the worldly giants who earlier rocked the center stage,

I seek the path of light in the shadows of unknown sage…
Someday along the path I hope the day’ll come,

When dreams will ride by my side on the sweetest journey back home,

Glorious sun will erase any shade of distant storm,

As i finally rest in my moon’s loving arms…


One thought on “Reminiscence

  1. May be this is how a wine matures day by day, into its own mind and matter, slowly transforming into a priceless piece of poetry…

    Tuka mhane narya tujhiya abhangas nahi re godi…
    Jowar tyas sansaric chatakyanchi labhali nahi re jodi… 🙂

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