Is it time to give up…?

Is it time to give up or is it just another battle lost,

I keep asking this on as I find my resources exhaust…


With the zest lost and desires fading, I find it hard to reign,

Soon, I fear, a time will come where nothing’s left but disdain…


Will the sun rise again making me eager like the first ray?

To conquer depths unknown as the evil darkness I slay…


Will there be smiles spread all along the way?

Making the world a place where forever I would wish to stay…


Or will it be a battlefield where dreams are killed as a sacrifice?

Glorifying the vices untrue as ill-fortuned truth pays the price…


So many thoughts these days crowd my mind,

As all the pain I try to leave behind…


I dream of the victories which drove me so far and away,

Only to find the fallacy of the trap alluring the prey…


I then cry aloud in tormenting anguish,

Searching for the lifeline as my senses begin to perish…


I then wish I had a companion to restore my faith all along,

A pair of eyes to rest in, when I found everything going wrong…


I still walk alone in hope for that angelic call,

Keeping the enemies at bay, determined not to fall…


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