Missing You…

I talk to the trees, I talk to the winds

I talk to the shores and I talk to these hills

of you, of me, of us together

to have you around and how great it feels…

Rushing through the traffic

wondering will you be doing the same?

Sitting on the desk

staring the empty frame…

Sipping the chocolate hot

in these cafeteria vast

I recap the treats we shared

as I swing from present to past…

I can still hear you say

“I wish this would last forever…”

as if you always knew

it would never…

And as the shadows spread

over these busy streets

to take you to long walks

whom do you now insist…?

I still walk alone

in moonlight tracing the stars

chasing the broken dreams

searching for lost parts…

Is this the love my dear

they keep talking about all the way?

Just like those words you mean

but you did never say…


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