Hi, this poem was written by me exactly 3 years ago when we all witnessed and endured the terrorist attack on Mumbai. I was literally stunned by the proceedings of that horrific night. And then reacted by writing this… This is one of my favourite compositions as for me this one serves a purpose… Today I am publishing this as a tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives to ensure we can continue with ours…

It’s time now to step in and fight,

It’s time now that dormant fires shall light…

No longer can we endure this evil on the streets,

Nor can we afford losing soldiers in fleets…

The enemy doesn’t come from any specific region,

Neither is it guided by any religion…

It’s a faceless devil feeding like a vulture,

Growing upon corpses of destroyed culture…

Even though it may look so but it’s not alone,

For corruption and allies are in fact its clones…

Let’s put a stop to this hatred, cruelty and fear,

Reviving the faith and wiping every tear…

Now is the time to hear the inner voice,

To be or not to be that’s the only choice…

So I urge you my friends to show up the power of youth,

Let’s shape a better future on foundations of harmony, love and truth…


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