It’s Your Smile

It’s your smile that makes my day bright,

In dreams I search for you as you keep stealing my nights…

The sun sets in your eyes and as moon glows over clouds,

I keep falling in that depth without any bounds…

Like a witch you cast a spell so hard to elude,

Weaving a net as your melodies interlude…

A touch so soft how can one ever forget?

Girl you’re not aware what fire you’ve set…

Even beneath your mischief’s I find innocence hidden somewhere,

Baby I just can’t live without you, will you believe me if I swear?

The beauty so pure and elegant you’ve got,

Down I wish to you the heavens I could’ve brought…

It’s not like that; you need it I know,

But how can myself, I expect to show?

So happy I‘m today to be with you,

Blessed I feel to find a heart so true…

What else to say now I really don’t know,

Will try to put it in words somehow though…

Do you feel like this sometime too? If I say I love you,

Will you just nod or whisper in my ears ‘me too….’


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